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Just a few words from you please... responsibility & teaching your kids..

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These are the lyrics to one of my favorite songs, Shine:


Sometimes I see you stuck

For such a long time

A daily nothing new

Pretend I don’t mind

With lists of things you’ll never do

Until somehow you do

And you do — you do — you shine


The days and months and years,

they run together

Is it just one day? Or is this forever?

You’ve taught me in your lifetime

More than I’d learned in mine

And you do, you do, you shine


Shine Shine Shine Shine Shine

Shine your light on me

Shine Shine Shine Shine Shine

everyone will see

Shine Shine Shine Shine Shine

I’m so glad you are mine

And you’ll shine in your own time


Well, maybe I’m too close to see you clearly

Or is it now my role to simply believe?

You’re just one of those mysteries

That may never be solved in time

But you do — you do — you shine


And Sammy will do what Sammy will do when Sammy is ready to do it

And Trevor will do what Trevor will do when Trevor is ready to do it

And Lucy will do what Lucy will do when Lucy is ready to do it

And they’ll do it....in their own time




And oh my, as I was copying it I realized it was *exactly* what I needed to remember this week.

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awwww......sounds like a rough day.

Let's see... perky, up beat, insightful...


Responsibility is one of those things that seem to come in time. You have to be in it for the long haul.


Sorry, that's all I've got. I am indulging in my very favorite vice - hanging out in my bathrobe and watching old Cary Grant movies.

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