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Thankful Day 22

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The other day as I was praying for my son who's sick with a bad cold, I found myself thanking God for the opportunity to mother him a little extra. :D:001_huh:


I'm thankful for November. It's an under-appreciated month. I do love the bright blue of October and its gorgeous color in the foliage. But November has a quiet charm of its own. When I saw a coffee table book many years ago of Andrew Wyeth's watercolor paintings of late fall, it captured exactly the romance of low, gray, watercolor-washed skies and tumbled gold and brown fields, with the dark grayish outlines of tall trees. So quiet, so meditative.


Best observed when you're taking a long walk in appropriately sturdy woolens, or from behind a window with a steaming mug in hand. :D

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Today I'm thankful little girl actually ate last night. I was getting really worried. I'm thankful all the kids seem to be getting over their colds. I'm thankful didn't freak out when he lost his tooth (he was worried about the blood, but when the time came, he didn't even notice)

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Today I am thankful for a daughter who can bake a serious apple pie, my Roomba, and that the telephone line repairman came hours and hours before the end of the "window" that I thought would keep me stuck here all day. :D

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