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Electronic Calendars Tips & Tricks

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It's time to order a refill for my Franklin Planner, or just go completely paperless.


I already keep & update my iCal. I love how I can shoot DH (also paperless) and he knows where, what, and when for the family schedule.


BUT I've been slow on the whole check the ipod first thing in the a.m. Mine would be in my ipod touch.


Frankly I'm terrified I'll do something to the screen and kill it. Is there a case that closes like a book, like my kindle with a strap so it won't flop open? I've been looking and I haven't found one yet.


But the nitty gritty how to for transitioning to the electronic calendar. I fee like such a dope asking but then I remember I had a two day class for learning my Franklin Planner. :D So please tell me your tips and tricks.

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