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Using Sonlight with the WTM method!

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Since Sonlight's Core G and H use the SOTW and Usborne History Encyclopedia, would it work to use the logic approach from the WTM.... outlining what my dd reads in the Usborne book...or writing summaries of what she has read. I would just go with SOTW/WTM logic with her, but she loves Sonlight and all the books....plus I can pass it down to my two younger kids.

Has anyone used it this way?

She is my crafty one, too, so I'd probably add in some hands on activities and for her to make a World History notebook for cores G & H....7th and 8th grade!

Any opinions on this would be helpful......I know I ask soooo many questions and seek waaaay too much advice on here, but I'm a newbee and learning! I'm always seeking information!


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Bumping this up to get more opinions......And...

Has anyone using Sonlight core 3, 4, 6, & 7 ever typed up the comprehension questions in the guide(or from one self)for the child to answer them in handwriting and not orally? Or would just using the WTM method of summarizing each chapter you read in you reader be sufficient enough?

Just curious!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!! Can't believe I'm up this early??

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In Core 6 and 7, I had my children outline, write paragraphs, add dates to timeline book, and practice taking notes from the nonfiction books included in the core. And they picked topics from what they read to research and write more in depth.


I used the included questions to orally discuss the fiction books.


To be honest, I don't remember the assignments included in the cores, as I used it in a different way than intended. I used Rod and Staff English instead of the LA included in the cores.


When I said cut back on the written work expected, I meant that your students won't be able to go into as much depth as they would covering the same material in four years instead of two years.

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With Cores G and H (6&7) there is usually one main assignment per week. It is listed under LA and usually relates to the literature which, of course, is sometimes related to the history topic.


I have my SL users keep a history journal where they write narrations/summaries of their history readings. This is in addition to the scheduled assignments.



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back in 2004 or 2005, the people from TWTM boards contacted Sonlight and asked them to set their format similar to the Well Trained Mind. Sonlight listens to its users. So, Sonlight tried to accomodate their users requests. I believe that if you follow their books, they can work very well with TWTM method.


This request is no stranger to Sonlight. It has been asked before. So ask them if they can guide you as to how their program can work with the WTM method.


Blessings in your homeschooling journey!





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