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Looking for an easy "green" smoothie recipe

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a good handful of greens (spinach or romaine is easiest, depending on your blender)

an overflowing "cup" of mixed fruit (our typical as my daughter avoids blueberries--because she is weird :) ).

a dash of white grape juice (if you need a bit of sweetness)

A half of a large banana (lately, bananas are smaller so take a bite or two off and put the rest in blender)

"milk" of choice (soy, coconut, almond, etc...we usually use the light and vanilla versions)


We have this just about daily.


Lately, I picked up one of the packages at Walmart. It has mango and orange and something. I put the whole package in with about 4-5cups of spinach and 2-ish cups of coconut millk. YUM :) I put half in an old small Ragu jar and the rest in a cup for that meal. Have second one for lunch or snack or tomorrow's breakfast.


There are lots of GREAT ideas out there. Lots allow you to use fresh and neat ingredients. And I'd like to get away from the milks. But in the end, easy is just nice and makes it more likely you'll do it.

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We never make the same smoothie twice, because there is not a specific recipe we follow. However, consistently my green smoothies have orange juice and frozen banana (sat on the counter longer than we would eat it = perfect for smoothies).



We add whatever fruits or veggies strikes our fancy. Sometimes a little yogurt.


I think it is the variety that keeps us going.

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We do this...


Red Grapes - a cup or so

Banana - half

Whole orange (I use a potato peeler to get just the orange rind off, leave the white part)

Apple - whole, quartered and seeded (leave the core)

Pineapple - half slice - take the rind off but leave the core

Other fruit - Whole kiwi, whole plum (no seed) any other that sounds good.

Spinach - I just stuff the carafe full of green.. I will use kale and chard as well.

Mint - I will use a leaf or two of mint if I have one.



I will also put flax and food grade diatomaceous earth as well.



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I think my smoothie would count as green.


I put in a handful of baby spinach leaves, 1/2 of a frozen banana (I freeze the bananas already sliced into fourths), maybe 8-12 frozen cherries, and then fill up to the 3.5 to 4 cup mark with frozen mixed berries (blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries). After that I fill it to the 3 cup mark with orange juice.


Before I started adding the spinach, I put in the stuff to just the 3 cup mark and put in enough juice to cover, but since the spinach isn't frozen, I have to add less juice or the consistency is off because of the ratio of frozen ingredients to nonfrozen ingredients.

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