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Xpost: Back to PS!


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Here is what I posted on the Afterschooling board, "The kids will probably be going back to school after the Christmas break. Things are fine here with homeschooling, but I knew we would not be doing this permanently. We are settled in our new home and I think we will be here for a number of years. My kids have always been very social and really want to go.


Help me prepare them for starting mid-year. Is there anything I should do to get them emotionally ready?


Also, I was leaning towards after the Holiday's so I could contact the school and teachers, figure out exactly where they are at in their academic year and try to match the kids up. For dd that might be some review as she is rather advanced and ds's may need to really push. I also have one with dyslexia, ADHD, and milk allergies.


This is not a "good" school. It is a rural school with low academic achievement, so I will be doing some afterschooling and have no idea what that looks like!"


I am asking you guys about my dyslexic/ADHD/Impulse disorder son and audio processing disorder daughter. I want to go in prepared to fight for the tools they will need. My son is a 4th grader and dd a 5th.


What am I asking/looking for from the PS?


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