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How would you give this gift?

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I bought my mom a digital photo frame. Would you load it with a few pics or give it without opening?


I think the benefit of loading it is that I will know how to do it to help her do it. She's only 55, not old by any means. She does just fine with technology (she is an OT in a school district and uses technology regularly at home and at work). But she's not particular CONFIDENT doing it.


Of course, I kinda think of gifts as brand new, never been open. I have til Wednesday to decide and follow through :) Then it needs to be loaded in the car :)

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I'd load it.


Reason being, we bought one for MIL. When we loaded the pics, we discoved that the dang thing had no actual memory of its own, would only work with a flash drive.


Plus, if there's a glitch with it, you'll discover that. Tech gifts always make me nervous.

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I am a dissenter bc I am like you and think of gifts as "new, never opened". However, I would have a disc or USB drive with a folder of pics already sorted and ready to load along with the time set aside to do it. I would also read the instructions ahead of time so you are ready to go.

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Thanks y'all.


I'm going to put some pics on it. In fact, just yesterday, she sent me some pics of key family members so I'd have good recent ones to show the littles before we get there later this week. I want them to be more comfortable and seeing "familiar" faces will be good for that. They are meeting most of their new family for the first time this weekend. Anyway, so my mom sent me some great pics and I can just add pics of my brother's family (not coming so pics not sent) and my family to the mix. Then she can fiddle with it as she wants.

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