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Our MOA bus trip...

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Remember awhile back I said my dd's and I were taking the community bus trip to the Mall of America?? Well, we went on Saturday. Youngest dd was especially excited about traveling on the bus. We sat in the last row....which was pretty cool because is was the only 3 seater row, so we had plenty of room and dd could stretch out and rest (she fell asleep on the way home)...older dd sat in the row in front of us. I have to say it was kind of an unusual feeling having no seatbelts.....dd standing up some of the time. :001_huh: But, I tried to not be overly worried about it.

We went to Sea Life first and it was great. The highlights were definitely the octopus, jellyfish, sharks, and stingrays. Ended up spending about 40 bucks in the gift shop. Yikes! Oh....I had seen online that if you brought in a non-perishable food item for the food drive you got $5 off each ticket. So, we did that.

Then we went to lunch. After that, oldest dd went off on her own to power-shop. Little dd and I got a few things at Claire's Club...some necklaces with her initial and some fake glasses. She wore the glasses the rest of the day and thought she was just too cool. :lol:

Stopped at a store in the Nickelodean park and she got a water bottle (so she can have her own water at our Zumba class :lol: ) and she paid with her own money to get a SpongeBob.

Amazing that with just those few places, plus the bathrooms a couple of times and walking between stores....the day was gone.

It snowed while we were there....so we had to drive home in a snowstorm. We must have gotten at least 4". On the morning drive there wasn't a snowflake on the ground. That was a little scarey riding home...but the bus driver must be a professional. :001_smile:

The next day, older dd was looking through all her new things......and come to find out that the pair of boots she bought are both left feet!! :001_rolleyes: :lol: She said it was the last pair left (ha....."left"....get it?? :tongue_smilie:)....she tried one boot on and it fit so she just grabbed the box without checking the other boot. The saleslady didn't check either. Oh brother! We won't be back until next year at this time! So, she needs to see if she can mail them back for an exchange or a refund. I think she paid like 40 bucks for those things!

Other than that....we had a great time. :D

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