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Can you help me find a charity?

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My father is 77 years old and in very poor health. He's completely bedridden, and this will almost certainly be his last Christmas with us. I want to give him a meaningful gift (almost like a remembrance, but obviously for him to appreciate while still living). He's never been the philanthropic type, as he's struggled his whole life just to make ends meet, but I believe he would appreciate knowing something was given in his name to a worthy cause.


How to choose that cause, though? :bored: I've looked into Heifer International and Kiva.org. I read that most of the loans "advertised" on Kiva have already been disbursed, so you're basically repaying the bank early, rather than giving the money to the individual. I'm not sure how I feel about that. Ideally, I think he'd rather the money stay in the US, but I'm willing to give to an international charity if it's worthy and meaningful. Nothing overtly religious, as my father would probably take offense to that.


FWIW, we aren't talking about thousands of dollars here. Our gift would most likely be $100 or less.

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How about Feed My Starving Children? We volunteer there on a regular basis. They send food all over the world as well as the US. They are very highly rated for their integrity on how they spend their money, 93% of the $$ goes directly to the food.

They are based in Mn, Az, and IL but they send mobile packing units to other places.


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I like the idea of a Navy-related charity. My late FIL also retired from the Navy; interestingly, FIL's aircraft carrier relieved my father's carrier. They got home and attended the same small town college on the GI Bill, but never knew one another until dh and I were together. :)


That would be a nice tribute to both of them. Thanks for the ideas!

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