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Care Credit for vet bill? anyone heard or tried this?

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my cat has some issues with her bottom being inflamed, her paws are real smelly and now her eyes are junky.... I had taken her to the vet a couple of months ago and he said she had an inner immune disorder. i gave her the meds, etc and she was fine after a couple of weeks.... not she is even worse and I dont know what to do ... the vet wants to run all these tests and after talking with local friends they have said to stay away from this vet because he likes to ring up the bill....


I have since heard of another vet with great reviews and want to send her there .... however I have so many family cost going up right now that i can't afford it at the moment.... (both cars are breaking down, my hubby has some medical things going on and other financial things)


I was looking into Care Credit to see if this would be a good solution for the vet bill but wanted to see if anyone else had used it or what you might have heard.....

So for rambling :glare: I'm a bit flustered right now....

Thank you!

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We have a care credit account for our dog who was hit by a car a couple of months ago. It is a small loan. In our case, we could choose between a low interest or a zero interest loan if we pay it off in 6 months. We chose the latter. We were advised to apply for double the amount that we really wanted since they often will not give you the full amount. We did so and were given exactly the amount we actually wanted.;) We have to pay a minimum each month or the zero interest part of the contract will be voided and we will have to pay interest. What I've done is to take the bill, divide it by 6 and we will be paid off by the end. If you go to the vet, I would ask for an estimate in writing of what needs to be done. In our case, whenever potential treatment veered from that estimate, the vet called us and we discussed our options. We did some of the recommended treatment but not all due to cost issues. (We have also found a cheaper way to treat some things by going to a naturopathic vet.)

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We use Care Credit for large, unexpected vet bills. We found the program years ago when our dear dog (in my profile pic) got into the garbage and unbeknownst to us ate for lobster legs and the spikes on those suckers ripped her pyloric valve all to heck. ICU care, surgery, etc. Big dog = big money.


Then in June we used CC again when our rescued Pembroke Welsh Corgi needed an ACL surgery. We needed to up the credit limit which they did with no problem.


We have found them to be very accommodating and excellen to work with.


Hope your kitty is better soon-- poor thing!



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I also have a CareCredit account for cat purposes. When I opened it it was a 6 months same as cash deal. I paid it off but I've kept it and used it sporadically as needed ever since.


The interest rate if you don't pay it off is SKY HIGH, but I try to pay it off and, if I can't, I'm just glad I had a means to pay and get it done as soon as possible.

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One note on Care credit. I think of it as being better for something like surgery or a hospital stay where there is a definable limit to the amount. If your cat has auto-immune problems, she may need treatment for the duration of her lifetime or certain things (like a different kind of food) that would lessen her reactions. Care credit could help you pay for the initial diagnosis and part of the treatment plan, but if it is lifelong, you will need to think about being able to pay for that down the road.

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thanks... that is a good point... we don't mind the long run medication costs & such.... its just that right now we are a bit over our heads with bills.... so we have had pets in the past that required medication and large vet bills but it was never a real issue for us... but now we are a bit upside down with expenses so hopefully this will work out to help us at the moment...

I will have to look in over with my hubby though :tongue_smilie:

thanks again!

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