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Classical Composition vs. Classical Writing

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When we were working with Fable and Narrative, I talked to the author, and in the Fable stage, he allows students to change the characters and setting. In the Narrative stage, he asks for a faithful retelling of the narrative, which is like the narrative retellings in Homer. The two curriculum are similar in that respect. Also, the narratives in the CC Narrative book are more complex, so changing characters and setting would be confusing for the target audience.


I wanted to add this for anyone following this thread. CW Homer is a bit more challenging than CC because it requires more copia work and deeper analysis of the narratives. However, the actual writing in CC Fable and Narrative is the same as CW Aesop/Homer, so the transition from CC to CW, for those who plan to do that, will be easy.

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At first you have to do 8 weeks of Homer straight, but that is not too difficult because it starts off light. By week 8 it is getting to be a bit much for them and from there on out that is exactly what we do. My 2nd dd did week 9 of Homer last week and will do week 2 of poetry this week.




That sounds like a good idea, Heather. I haven't looked into the CW poetry books yet, but I plan to soon.

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We are now doing week 10 of Homer and my son is finding it difficult to get it done in 4 days. We are now doing 4 days of the analysis and imitation work and 2-3 days of writing.


Good to know. I'll try to be ready to try a variety of schedules.

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We started CC Fable(MP's version) after Christmas and we are just finishing Lesson 4. My DD is finally enjoying writing.


My plan is to go up to Lesson 8 or 9 of Fable, before switching to CC Narrative. We will do 8 or 9 lessons from it before we switch to CW A/H for Older Beginners in the fall. My plan is to go back and do a lesson in CC Fable and CC Narrative every semester for the next few years, while we work on CW. It will be a nice break and a refresher as well.


I, too, have wondered whether or not I should skip CC Narrative and just move on to doing Homer A this spring, but we are really enjoying CC and I think that switching to CW at this point might be counterproductive. We will start CW in the fall. This will also give me enough time to study my CW books so that I am sufficiently prepared to teach it.



I like this scheduling idea. I'm anxious to get started and to see what will work best for us.


Thank you for starting this thread. I am glad you found your writing programs and think I have, too!

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