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Name that Short Story! (Help!) :)

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I'm looking for a short story that I'm sure some folks may be familiar with in these parts.


I've read it in French and English, but can't remember the title in either language :( It may be 100 years old or so, maybe less, but it's not a recent piece.


Basic concept. Woman is grieving the loss of her husband. She's ill with her grief. He has been the center of her world, and she wished she could join him in death. She's hallucinating, or having a fever dream one night. . . or maybe this is reality (it's been a looong time ago since I last read this), and she's staggering through a graveyard in the rain (I think it's raining, at least). On all of the gravestones, instead of all of the lovely things that are generally written about the deceased, are the uglier realities of the dead. Some are greedy, some are cruel, some are murderers, etc. She's stumbling and groping her way along through the pelting rain to her husband's grave, and on it she reads that her husband died from an illness he got while going out in the rain one night to meet his lover.


That's the end of the story.


Anyone got the magical Google Fu to help me track down the title to this thing?




Shivery, eh?

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That sounds familiar to me too... perhaps something by Maupassant?


You may be right. , . . It seems to me that I'd remember it if were him or not thought. I'll look up a list of his short stories just in case. That guy did have a knack for nasty little twists.


Thank ye!

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Sounded like M. to me, too. It was, and here is the story: Was It a Dream?


I'll leave it to you to find your mistakes in recollection :)


Thanks, Tibbie, and . . . oh, dear, the first responder who suggested G.d.M, too. :)

I'm off to read.


Yeah, I'm kind of afraid to see what my mistakes are in recollection. I asked for a short story title once before as well, and I was amazed that anyone could find it, considering that I had butchered the story so completely :)


Thanks again!


ETA: Oh, my. I had occurred to me that maybe it was a husband, and not a wife. I should have mentioned that in the OP. Mercy me! LOL

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