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is anyone here a foster parent in MO?

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DH finally got approavel from the big boss is St L that they are willing to move him from IA to MO. no set time line on it big boss has to do a bunch of hoops to get the move 'done' then DH is also going to have to tranfer all her work here to other's in the offer.


However we are moving, we shall be listing the house ASAP and making planns accordingly.


so as soon as we get moved, we;ll rent a 3+ bedroom so that we have a bedroom for certification.


I am well versed in the foster laws and SOP in IA, but not in MO.


Here (IA) the state cotrols all of it -- theyhave adgencies that they contract to manage the foster families -- but it is one adgency for each area -- no choice for the foster parents -- it is basically like the state does it all ...


I know in some states the 'management' adgencies for FP are 'in compatition' -- that is the FP chooses the adgency they want to list with -- there is choice unlike in IA where there is simply one. Is MO like that?


I'd love to hear from FP in MO about the ins and outs of MO fostering -- so we are ready -- we plan to apply as soon as we get moved.


I'd love to hear from ALL MO foster parents!!!



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