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More neighbor drama...

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Yesterday I got my certified letter back. This was the appeal that the neighbor had 20 days to answer. Well he didn't even get it! I think he refused it, because he's been home and had to have gotten at least 1 of the 4 notices that there was a certified letter for him.


I'll take it to the lawyer tomorrow, but I can't stand how things happen on the weekends!


Now I don't know what happens. I already sent him the 10 day notice that a judgement of non pros should be entered, but if he refused to pick up the appeal notice, where the heck does that leave me?!



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I really hope so!


There's another certified letter just sent out on the 15th. Once 10 days after that has passed, I think it's in my favor, but not sure if him not getting the letters changes anything.


What's painful is that he lives right next door. I know he's been home, I *know* he got those notices, but refused to address it.

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