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If you're making Thanksgiving dinner and if you have a sense of humor...

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You COULD make a "suntanned turkey." Just sayin!




We actually tried it a couple of years ago, but we didn't start it right away as we didn't think of it til it had been cooking a while, so the tan lines didn't come out anywhere near that obvious unfortunately. So we ended up bringing our turkey over in its "bathing suit" instead haha because we'd come up with all these props- we'd gone so far as to tuck a clean square of dishtowel over one wing like a beach towel, and put a shot glass with a paper umbrella in it under the other, and took a mini travel size bottle of conditioner and made a construction paper "suntan oil" label for it... it was pretty funny and we knew our small family would get a big kick out of that kind of thing, which they did. Hmm, we should give it another try, as a matter of fact...:lol:

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