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Surprise Big Ticket Item?

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I have a tons of credit card reward points that I could redeem for a high ticket present for dh. The high ticket category (flat screen t.v.) is one that dh has been eyeing for some time. But I don't know the specifics of what he wants. He's done all the consumer reports research etc. Should I talk to him about getting this? Should I get it anyway to surprise him? What do you think?

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If it's something he cares enough about that he's been researching it, I would involve him in the decision.


Yes, absolutely involve him in the decision. A surprise is fun, but getting EXACTLY the right item is tricky in a situation like this. Try asking lots of really obvious questions about his research and see if you can get the details that you need (specific make and model, not just general guidelines). It may spoil the surprise, but he will be happy to not have a large expensive dud on his hands.

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Maybe you could wrap a symbol of the surprise and then go get it the day after Christmas (or whenever). I'm thinking wrap up a remote--he'll be surprised because it isn't big! lol


This is a perfect idea...unless someone has an old, small portable b/w set you could wrap up as a gag gift. Either way, he gets to help find that perfect set during the sales and your credit points will go farther!

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