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We get the keys Tuesday, I graduate in 3 weeks, DH is stable........

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We are downsizing, severely, again. Went from 3400 square feet last year to the 2300 here. Now we are going down to 1200. I can't believe how many counseling books I've accumulated over the last 2.25 years.


I get to see my sisters and Dad in 3 weeks! Oh, and I graduate. ;)


Between now and then, I have to move my family, write two 20 page papers, read 3 books, write a reading log on one, and review the other 2.


I am nearly finished with my practicum (counseling people) hours.


DH is currently stable, and finishing up his first M. Div. term. Considering he was hospitalized twice during it, he is doing great.


I told him that his next episode must be after graduation, but before Christmas. ;)

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This is a great update. You're both amazing.


If I lived closer, I'd either pack boxes for you so could concentrate on finishing up/transferring your case notes or help you with your papers. I hope the 2 books you have left to read are interesting ones!


What a relief to finally be at the end and also at the beginning of your journey!


Congratulations! :grouphug:

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