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What is the most spiral math curriculum out there?


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Your dd is the same age as mine and I have had loads of tears over math in the past. It left us both exhausted but after all the mess..I think it is starting to come together. I have a large white board that I demonstrate our math topics on. (You could draw little bears and show how 2 bears plus 2 more bears equal 4 and so on.) Even though math mammoth has everything explained in the worktext my dd needs to really see me work out the problem step by step.


TT may be great for her so I would really give it a chance. From what I have read here about it..it will demonstrate the math lesson step by step. This would work well for my dd as she needs to really see it done step by step for things to click. I have used so many math curriculum choices with this child. RS was not a good fit. She hated when I took out the abacus and for some reason math games drove her crazy. My dd must be the only kid on earth that hates the abacus, c-rods and MUS blocks and math games! The white board has been the best purchase I have ever made. I am going to get her a small one for Christmas because she loves it so much. I do a math problem and then she does one too. She gets to teach me how to solve it. I can pinpoint problems very quickly with this method. Plus...If you use a white board you can just make up your own math problems until you know the topic is cemented. Even going back and working the same problems over and over will be better tolerated cause they are not staring at a workbook for an hour.


I hope that you find what works for you because I do really understand your pain.





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I got her on Math Whizz the free trial. I told everyone not to help her with the problems. It got to the multiplication part....she grabbed some multiplication book and told me she wanted to work on it. We did and she got it. And then went back on Math Whizz (when school was over) and starting working through the multiplication problems. She really wants those animals and the food.


Motivation is the key for her. I think she is being manipulative and trying to play stupid to get out of work. She does that even with chores. She tells her older sisters that she can;t do something like take the garbage out and gives them that helpless sad babyish face and makes others do it for her when I KNOW she can do it.


So is math whizz worth purchasing..anything different from the free trial?

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Sounds like you should extend your "don't help her" to chores as well. ;)


No clue about Math Whizz. You could either search the boards or start a new thread. And I wouldn't assume it's entirely manipulation or even motivation. There are certain types of learners (certain types of LDs) where it helps DRAMATICALLY to have the material in a story, in a context, in a narrative. Lose the context and they can't do it. So I don't think it's entirely manipulation. That's why I suggested a fresh evaluation from a neuropsych. You need a lot more information about how her brain is processing, which is what the neuropsych does.

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