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Anyone have them? What do you think? Amazon has mixed reviews. We are thinking of getting them for all 3 kids for Christmas.


We got two of them 3 years ago when we visited my sister in Spain (kids were 6, 5, and almost 2). We'd never seen them before so I wasn't sure they were worth the cost. They were absolutely fabulous. Ds7 does not have a hurry button. I can only imagine how horrific it would have been to herd him through a crowded airport. Both boys rode them in the airport. They steer really well and pull easily. We had several connections where I know the trunkis got us there in good time where otherwise we might have been cutting it very close. While waiting in line the kids (all three) could sit on them. They were wonderful. I lent them to my sister who made the trip home with her small kids every year and she didn't think they were all that. She made the kids pull them which really defeats the purpose.


It was also kind of fun to be so cutting edge. We are never cutting edge.:tongue_smilie: The flight attendents thought they were wonderful, too.

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