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cleaning priorities

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If you could see my house right now, you would agree I should not be wasting time online instead of getting to work. The piles of books, papers, clothes, toys, and other stuff have multiplied, and I need to sort, put away, or get rid of them as well as sweep, mop, and do other cleaning tasks. I don't even know where to start, though!


Do you prefer to do small, easy cleaning projects first to get them out of the way quickly, or tackle the biggest or hardest project first? Maybe I'll just set a timer and start wherever I'm standing.

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I wander around with a garbage bag and fill it up.


I then move everything that does not belong in a room to it's proper room.


Afterward, I pick a room and move in a clockwise rotation around it, ending with sweeping/vacuuming and wiping down of things.


I find big things like toy rooms and some closets take a long time - I do those one at a time and separately from normal cleaning

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Welcome to my world!


Small tasks are all I'm capable of, as pathetic and depressing as that sounds. Learned the hard way that trying to accomplish a big task just ends up not getting finished...either pain levels kick up, or something happens to pull me away...breaking everything down into small 5-10 min jobs is the only way I get things done, and don't feel defeated, overwhelmed and depressed b/c not *everything* is done.


For example, if instead of 'clean and organize the hs area' I break it down into putting books away, clearing puter desk, washing walls, floor, etc, I can be ok with just putting the books away if that's all I can physically manage. If I set the entire room as my task and don't get it all done, I feel like I failed.


Setting a timer helps too.

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I need to do the same thing! My house is a wreck, right now.


I like to start by clearing big surfaces...the kitchen table, the island, the couch, (stuff tends to pile up there, too). This also applies to clearing floors--I at least sweep up, even if I don't have the time or inclination to mop at the moment, because even that little job makes things look much better!


Once the big things are taken care of, and it looks like some sense of order is being restored to the house, I start in on smaller things--the short counter, end tables, the desk. If I'm really desperate, I just take everything that doesn't belong, and dump it in a laundry basket...then hide the basket in a closet! Whatever it takes to get things looking orderly!


I suppose I should get back to dealing with my own mess now, huh? ;)

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