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Activities that empower dc(including teens) and are good for anxious dc.

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My ds with moderate to severe anxiety has improved a lot with martial arts. Boy Scout camping with canoeing, rock climbing, etc. has helped, too. At first, it isn't easy to be out of his comfort zone, but the boost he gets when he breaks through it is totally worth it. Between these two things, his anxiety has probably dropped up to 50% in general, though he still takes meds to help manage some of the day to day stuff.

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i'm thinking martial arts may be good for my ds's anxiety, but i don't think at this point i would put her in martial arts-too risky.


dd used to be a competitive swimmer, but is no longer interested in that.


anyway, i am thinking for dd the activity needs to be non-competitive. i think.:confused:


anyone else? i would love to hear about horseback riding....



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We use horseback riding.


My son was in the program when we first met him (at age 7 1/2) and he continued for a few years until he got a dirt bike.


My middle one started on her 3rd birthday and has ridden to various degrees every since.


My youngest started at 5 or so and now is taking hunter/jumper lessons and has placed in pleasure and speed shows.


We even bought our own "therapeutic" horses for the girls several years ago so they can ride daily in good weather.


Horses are great as they don't care about special needs, who is friends who who, etc. Very calming, etc. as well. Just look for a good reputable place or ask for names of 4H leaders in your area that might have very calm horses and give lessons.

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We have had success with our martial arts program. We found a very good instructor who let my oldest be himself and gently working on his issues (ours were self esteem and crying). He has been with this instructor for 5 years. In that time, he has made many improvements, including being able to speak to the class and taking instruction/criticism without crying. These are both huge for him!

I agree that you really need to watch your instructors. We chose one that is good with kids and understands special needs.

We have also found success with archery. We have a good indoor range that we use. It has taught my kids to be patient, calm, and focused. All around, a good sport!

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