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Is this an asthma thing?

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I'm in the middle of a cold. I'm finding that sometimes (mostly at night) when I exhale and get to the "bottom" of a breath, it feels, for a split-second like I can't begin to inhale. It's hard for me to explain...it feels for just a tiny moment like I can't make the switch from getting air out, to getting air in. Is this a normal asthma thing? I'm still really new to the asthma diagnosis, and I'm not sure if this is part of it. :confused: It's not a super-comfortable feeling, and I'm wondering if this is something which might be helped by a dose from the rescue inhaler?

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It's very possible. I have the same symptoms when I get a cold. I also seem to be very vulnerable to having my colds turn into bronchitis or pneumonia very quickly...something that the dr. said is typical with asthmatics. I have been advised by the dr. that it is completely prudent to use my rescue inhaler during colds when I am suffering symptoms like yours, or coughing(not dry cough) and that it might help me recover quicker, keeping the cold from progressing into something worse. If you suffer these symptoms often during cold season, you may want to talk to your dr. about a maintenance inhaler that can be used just for the cold season.


I hope you feel better soon.:)

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