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Back From ER

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They're treating me for a blood clot. Too many symptoms for them to risk not treating me at all.


I go for an u/s tomorrow to see one way or the other for sure, but they weren't going to risk not treating me.


So, got shot w/blood thinners. Need to keep a close eye on *TMI ALERT*


post partum discharge...if that gets heavier, I have to run back in, but they figured it was better to risk that than leave a blood clot untreated.




All I wanted to do was get home to my baby. I've never been away from any of my babies before, and was away from him for about 4 hrs. I *knew* he was fine, that Wolf was taking care of him, but my Mommy mode went completely nuts.


Why can't things just go smoothly for a change? Seriously?

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I've had a blood clot in my leg and it's no fun. I've had the blood thinners and they are no fun either - they made me feel COLD all the time. I'm so glad to hear they are treating you and you are back home with your cutie-pie!


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So glad you went in, and asked in the first place.

Take care of yourself. You are precious to all of us. :grouphug:

Awww, thank you! What a lovely thing to say!


Thanks to everyone.


I'm toast. Think I'm going to ask Wolf to keep baby while I go sleep for a day or 3.


Or a cpl of hrs, anyways.

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Feeling for you as I have had three blood clots myself. Elevation, moist heat and compression stockings (otherwise known as torture devices but they work) as soon as I thought I had another clot helped me get over them quickly. Also, make sure you get up and walk around regularly as that keeps the blood flowing better instead of clotting. I'm hoping you just have one in your superficial vein that resolves quickly so you can get back to spending all your time with your little one.

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