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Preference between R&S and CLP spelling?


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Hi- Trying to choose spelling for my 8 year old. She is a decent speller already, but needs work on longer words. I am looking for something that will teach her spelling rules and how to spell longer multi-syllable words.

Any thoughts on these or better recommendations?


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There are a few forum members whose younger kids (6-8 yo) have started Megawords. If you guage that your 8yo is not yet ready to start with level1 of Megawords, you could also get the teacher guide for How To Teach Spelling from the same company (EPS) that publishes Megawords. You can do HTTS for a year or so and then start with Megawords. HTTS is also an Orton-Gillingham based program.

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How would you describe the difference between HTTS and Megawords?

I will have AAS levels 1-3 that I could go through with her. She really doesn't have any problems with spelling any 2nd grade level words. It is anything that starts to get longer where she runs into problems. Although she can spell many of the countries in South America correctly, she couldn't spell "maybe." She confuses me!

That was why I thought about just getting her workbooks like CLP or R&S? She likes workbooks. But I don't want to just go through lists with her at this point. Maybe do AAS 1-3 and then see what to move to next? Or start with something else all together? (I am getting the AAS for the youngest).

Help! Thanks.

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Are any samples available of CLP? I am just not sure what level I would start her in. It is also hard to compare CLP and R&S when I can't see the actual books.

Any more thoughts or opinions?

I have AAS 1-3 but think it is going to be on the easy side for her. She actually likes workbooks, so I think I could do AAS with her and she would still not mind a spelling workbook.



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