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Hypochondriac Moment...

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Ok, talk me down.


Since the day after Baby Boo was born, I've been having weird pain. It started off as a really sore spot on the bottom of my foot. Now, its been in my calf muscle for several days (yes, same leg). It feels like pre/post charley horse, but the actual muscle spasm hasn't hit.


They did ask about calf pain the day after he was born, 'to rule out blood clots'. I did mention the weird, sudden onset foot pain later that day, and the nurse just asked if I'd kicked something, so I ignored it.


Its the ongoing calf pain that's got me weirded out now. It seems to have moved up on my calf from where it started from.


I really don't want to go to the ER and find out its just a weird muscle spasm. Talk about feeling like an idiot. :blushing:

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Did you have stirrups or something you put your foot or legs in/on in the hospital? I had all sorts of weird pains after delivery. Labor is hard on my body. LOL


Call to OB office is never a really bad idea. They get all kinds of questions.

Nope, nothing like that. The OB let me do whatever I wanted during delivery, no stirrups, etc in sight.

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My midwife, in her 3 day PP visit, asked me to put my leg out and flex my foot. Pull your toes back toward you. Does that hurt worse?


I think this one needs a call to your ob. It's probably nothing. But, better safe than sorry.

Yes, it hurts more.


I just talked to the health line here. They want me seen in the next 4 hrs. :glare: Apparently, the after pains that I'm still getting isn't a good thing either.



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Well, crap. :( Please keep us updated.


Praying for good news! :grouphug:

That's pretty much my take on the situation. I mean, I *know* that they are to err on the side of caution, but they went from 24 hrs to be seen to 4. *I* don't want to go in at all.


I know, however, that if it IS a blood clot, ignoring it would be stupid.

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Is it b/c they ignore things until its absolutely serious (thinking of my Dad and Wolf here) or they don't worry about feeling foolish?


Usually they have to be DYING to go to the doctor. For example, my husband had pneumonia for at least a week before my mother and I told him he was either going to the doctor or we were calling an ambulance.

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