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Need help training dogs with electric fence!

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We have two dogs, one little, one big. We have a large fenced area for them, but that is no longer working - the big one has figured out how to climb the fence (and she actually climbs it, like a human; she does not jump it), and the little one is getting too good at digging under it. And, to boot, they both take off through the neighborhood when they get out and go joy-riding across roads and neighbors' yards.


So we have installed an electric fence around a larger grass area. I got the little training DVD that came with the fence, watched it, and followed the instructions to the letter (btw, it's the PetSafe system)....put the dogs on the leash, had the flags up, shook the little flags, praise & treats inside the fenced area, trained them on what happens if they step outside, shake the little flags, blah blah blah. Did the training for about a week, doing exactly what the video told me to do.


It hasn't worked.


The dogs have figured out that they can be shocked when their collar is on. They know that the further out they go, the more likely it is to be shocked. They don't get the flag thing at all (even though I've waved them every training session), and all they do now when I put their collars on is to sit right outside the door and refuse to move. If I try to take them into the yard on their leash, I have to drag them and the little one has her tail between her legs (she's been shocked twice, on a very low level setting, which is uncomfortable but not exactly out of bounds for the training, so I think the problem is that she's not understanding why the shock is happening).


I see many dogs in my neighborhood (at least 6 that we walk past every day) that are kept in by electric fences, so I'm wondering what I'm doing wrong.


I would consider hiring someone, but since we already have the fence, I'm not sure who - a dog-trainer? An electric fence company?


Is there anyone on the board who has experience with this and can offer advice? We've never done this before and I'm feeling a little lost. I can't have the dogs running through the neighborhood and I don't have the time to supervise them for all the outside time they need every day.



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I haven't used an electric fence but I did train the Golden with an electric collar on some particularly stubborn issues. I simply put his collar on first thing in the morning and left it on all day so he never associated the collar with the shock only the misbehavior. Try that and see if it works. We also have a Pom-Chi that is a major yapper. We have tried unsuccessfully to stop it and I am now considering a bark collar for him until we break that habit.


By the way for people who say that the shock collars are inhumane, we tried them set at 3 on my hubby, my children and myself and while they were unpleasant they weren't painful. I have never used it above a 4 on the dog and I only had to use it a few times to train him. Now the only time he ever wears it is if we are traveling or in a situation where it is neccesary to have absolute control over him. IMO it is much more important for the dog's and people's health and safety that they are well trained than that they are exposed to a few small shocks or pinchs for a short period of time from a correctly used electric or pinch collar.

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:( We have this and it works great. Our dog was trained as a puppy and I think that makes it easier, but it should still work with an adult. Seems like we started without the collar, just playing in the yard and reprimanding them near the flags. I would leave the collar on all day once you start with it; inside, outside, where ever. Do you have a 'gate' so you can take them out for a walk? They should ultimately associate the leash with leaving the yard and only with you only through the 'gate'.


Other thoughts...don't turn the fence on too high/wide so they have plenty of room to play in the yard without fear. Go out and do something really fun in the yard with them everyday. Eventually, they will learn the safe area and figure out that the flags just warn them about getting shocked (i.e., they should stay away from the flags).


Most of all, don't give up! Good luck!

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