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How much time do you spend on language arts?


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For my 2nd grader, it's about 2 - 2 1/2 hours, 2x a week. (4 - 5 hrs total) Regular story/book reading is a 7x a week thing.


Formal schooling?

Spelling Workout B - Reading Comprehension A - First Language Lessons - English 2 for Young Catholics - Explode the Code 5 - Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading - Reading/Thinking Skills B - Let's Read - ElizabethB's Syllabry Lessons - copywork - word games such as crossword puzzles and word searches


My dd is a struggling, but progressing reader. She loves GRAMMAR of all things, so FLL and the English 2 for Young Catholics are a favorite combination around here. I throw all the rest at her, because I needed an attack-from-all-angles, broad approach, v. a deep one with her.


We also follow more of a college style schedule, where we do longer blocks of a subject, fewer times/week. I'm not advocating for that, simply stating that when we school this way, we all fall in sync, including my ds, who's doing K work this year.

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2nd grade: Gwg-10 minutes daily, MCT-15 minutes daily, WWE2-15 minutes daily, reading-30 minutes daily, Spelling every other day


4th grade: GWG-10 minutes, Review and discussion-10 minutes, Reading, 45-60 minutes daily, Spelling every other day, WWE3-10 minutes, Free writing a la Writer's Jungle: every 2nd or 3rd day, 20 minutes.


We also throw in Daily Editing on occasion.

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We spend a lot!! Too much sometimes, but I fuss a lot over it.


Our LA includes

Spelling...daily 10 minutes

Copy work....daily 10 minutes

Grammar daily 20 minutes

Writing ....lessons.....20 minutes

Writing....polishing, editing, etc. With older kids....oy! However long it takes

Literature/read aloud 15-20 minutes

Poetry read/aloud 10 minutes

Reading lessons....CLE ...30 minutes

Silent book basket type reading 1 hour, usually in the evenings before bedtime.


Our LA usually takes 2- 2 1/2 hours a day. I am actively involed in it for abou 1 1/2 hours.


Our math lessons take about an hour or so.

History or science about an hour or so...but I stagger those.


Faithe....who would love to get Latin fit in there...but might just have to suck it up and pay Memoria Press to teach it....



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2nd grade:

FLL3 - 15 minutes, 3x/week

WWE2 - 15 minutes, 3x/week (double up days 1 and 2)

R&S Spelling 3 - 10 minutes, 4x/week

Literature - 20 minutes, 5x/week


So anywhere from 30-60 minutes each day.


He reads more outside that, and I didn't count read-aloud time.

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i'm not sure really. it depends on the day & the assignment, but i'd also guess we average an hour or so.


my 4th grader does bju english (which rotates between grammar and writing). on the weeks she has grammar only, she has to write chapter summaries of the book she is reading. for spelling, she also uses bju. for reading, she has a book basket and reads whatever she wants.


for my 2nd grader, he does R&S english orally. for spelling, we use spelling plus dictation. i will be adding in all about spelling level 2 after thanksgiving though (and in 3rd grade switch to bju). for writing, he uses winning with writing level 2. he is still working through hooked on phonics level 2, so he reads the books included in that & beginner library books.


we do language arts daily.

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4th grader:


Spelling (Spelling Workout E) 2x (1 lesson) per week: ~20 min /wk

Writing (WWE3 + WS3, alternating weeks): 4x/week, ~90 min/wk

Grammar (FLL4): 4x/wk, ~60 min/wk


Reading I can't really quantify. She reads constantly, usually 2+ hours per day. Reading is a combination of free reading, history/bio supplements, and literature. I try and do literature "study" but so far that's only been about 1 hour a week (discussing literature, doing narrations & summaries).

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2nd grade girl:

Spelling: 10 min, 1x per wk

Journal: 10 min, 1x per wk

Cursive copywork: 10 min, 1x per wk

Writing: 20 min, 3x per wk

Independent Reading: 1 hr, daily (This is what I require, but she reads much more on her own.)


1st grade boy:

Spelling: 10 min, 1x per wk

Journal: 10 min, 2x per wk

Writing: 20 min, 3x per wk

Reading aloud to me: 15 min, daily

Independent Reading: 15-30 min, daily

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3rd grade: 1 hr 10 min

-read to me 10 min

-spelling (R&S Spelling) 10 min

-writing (WWE and homemade writing) 30 min

-grammar (GWG and MCT) 20 min


1st grade: 25 min

-read to me 15 min

-writing (copywork and WWE) 10 min

I will probably add spelling at some point this year. That will add about 10 min.


They both read independently all the time and write narrations in science and history, but those are difficult to give a time to.

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For 3rd grade:


20 min AAS 5X wk

15-20 min FLL 5X wk

15-20 min WWE 4x wk

10 min WWW 5x wk

20 min ETC and Vocab 4 x wk

10 min HWT 4x wk


We also do GSWL...takes about 10 min a day 5x wk. Reading is approximately 30 min daily, plus read alouds by me. I download comprehension questions and ask them orally of him for his silent reading. Right now I'm trying to get him to fall in love with reading so he can read pretty much whatever...he's finishing the Judy Blume Fudge series and he's 1/2 way through the abridged version of Treasure Island. I want to get him into the Carol Marsh mysteries!

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For second/thirdish grade:


10-15 minutes spelling (AAS)

20-30 minutes reading

30-45 minutes other English activities including writing (Galore Park or MBtP)

5-10 minutes handwriting (Kumon cursive)


MBtP has a lot of other activities that aren't strictly "language arts", like craft projects or acting out a part of the story, but I count it as such since it's part of the literature unit.


I usually read aloud for at least 30 minutes a day, though I'm aiming for 60, and I don't know whether to count that as LA (literature) or not.

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About an hour:

WWE-10-15 minutes

FLL- 5-10

Reading 20-30

AAS- 20


ETA: first grade


about the same for me for all the above for second grade


Except we also do GWG, so about another 10 min for that. I also read aloud to them for about an hour and they do their own silent reading for 30 min a few times a week

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Third Grade (Writing - 30 mins; Reading - 30 mins)

Spelling - This is done through copywork.


* Read aloud - He reads one chapter from his assigned reading to me and then we briefly discuss the reading.

* Independent Reading - He reads silently for 30 minutes and then tells me about the reading.

Grammar - This is usually one page from a workbook.

Writing - This might be a journal entry, copywork, written narration, story, free write...anything really.


Fifth Grade (LA & Writing - 60 mins; Reading - 60 mins...one block of each, with math in the middle)

Language Arts - Saxon Grammar & WritingWriting - Copywork, dictation, and writing prompt, all of which are located in the back of the Saxon text.


* Read aloud - He reads one chapter from his assigned reading to me, and then we talk about it.

* Independent Reading - He reads silently for 60 minutes and then prepares a written narration of the reading.

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Depends---I alternate subjects weekly or change things by the semester.


We do technical skills (grammar/vocab/writing) 1 week and the next week we work on literature studies and my ds8 3rd grade does some creative writing (I know I know---but he loves it and copywork is a buzzkill in our house) I started doing these alternating weeks so I didn't feel like we were leaving things out---especially in the literature study dept.


Daily we do a spelling list from Sequential Spelling

about 4-5 pages from Easy Grammar

a language review with an Evan-Moor book a friend gave me (we didn't like Daily Grams and put it away after about a week)


We also do cursive using HWT and vocabulary with Wordly Wise or English From the Roots Up--but not daily--about 2-3 times a week. We also work through Writing Strands and complete 1 lesson in a day or two. I read aloud everyday numerous times and have free reading everyday throughout the day.


He also picks out a topic from Doing The Days several days a week.


He's finished two ETC books in a week, so done with that and next semester I may stop grammar and work exclusively on writing comp/reading comp/and literature studies etc.


All together this takes about 2 hours of our morning and then we move on to math. There's lots of breaks and it's going on throughout the day really.

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2nd grade:


Spelling Workout: 10-15 minutes per day (he usually does most of a lesson)

FLL: 10-15 minutes

WWE: 10 minutes


We also use TOG, so we do reading, literature worksheets, and discuss vocabulary from that. I don't have Writing Aids, but I do a lot of the writing ideas from the TOG book just using resources I already have for guidelines.


Combined TOG with SWO, FLL, and WWE, we do about 1 hour to 1 hour 15 minutes per day at least 4 days per week.

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Hmmm, hard for me to answer honestly. LA permeates everything ... a written narration in science, a narration for history, extra reading book assigned for history.


I have a 1st and 4th - not more than an hour total in skill acquisition for each I guess I would say. Sometimes a tad more for the 1st grader as he is still learning to read, so we work a little extra in the afternoon on books he reads aloud to me.


That would include WWE, FLL and spelling for my 1st and 4th. 1st grader has handwriting and ETC in addition. The 4th grader has assigned handwriting only when I feel he needs work on something specific (he forgets some letters at times on how to form them). The hour does not include anything assigned written for history, science or foreign language.

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How much time do you spend on language arts for the average day/week? What does that include? For what grade?




5th grade (1 hr):

GWG: 15 min (4x/wk)

WT2: 30 min (4x/wk)

Dictation: 15 min (4x/wk)

This one loves to read, so she reads at least an hour/day to herself, but probably averages two hours/day.


3rd grade (1 hr):

GWG: 15 min (4x/wk)

Dictation: 15 min (4x/wk)

Reading aloud to me: 30 min (4x/wk) (McGuffey's/Assigned History Reading)


Kindergarten (30 min-35 min):

Reading aloud to me: 15 min (5x/wk)

Handwriting: 5-10 min (4x/wk)

Phonogram review/Alphabet awareness via games: 10 min (3x/wk)


Most years, we spend 30-60 minutes on spelling (SWR). I just couldn't fit it into the schedule this year, so we're doing spelling via dictation this year. :willy_nilly:


The K'er will be promoted to 1st grade in Jan. I'll be adding SWR for about 15 min/day to start with & building to 30 min/day, probably 4x/wk. It'll take the place of the "phonogram review" slot in the K-list, above. Once we are done with Cursive First, the "Handwriting section" will become "copywork," but probably stay around the same duration.

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We are very heavy in LA and math. The 4th grader probably spends an hour on LA. The 3rd grader spends maybe 45 minutes on it. The 1st grader spends 20 minutes on LA. We also school year-round, so we've covered a lot of ground.


4th grader:

Classical Composition: Fable (we're about halfway thru)

MCT LA (but she finished the level for this year already)

Webster's Speller

Intermediate Language Lessons

adding Wordsmith Apprentice this spring


3rd grader:

Writing with Ease 3

Primary Language Lessons (but he's finished that, too)

Galore Park English

Webster's Speller


1st grader:




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