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My daughter is lacking a great deal. She has done work texts and text books, but find them all boring and does not retain much information. She is doing hands-on Great Science Adventures this year and it is going well for her, but would like something that is just a bit more. I've been looking at

Real Science 4 Kids

Noeo Science


Elemental Science

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We used Real Science 4 Kids last year. We especially liked the Chemistry. The experiments were fun and every one worked just as it was supposed to and the supplies were easy to find. Easy to use and follow curriculum. The series seemed to keep my daughter's interest

I have a few friends that use the Noeo science and they all love it...I have not used it myself.

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:iagree:about RS4K Chemistry. We are just finishing it and enjoyed it very much. I'm looking for something else for Biology & Physics, though - Biology because I'm a biologist and want something much more in-depth :D and Physics because I've read from other posters here that RS4K physics is a little dry and boring . . . no personal experience with that though.

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