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History of Us webisodes on PBS site...how does it correlate to books?


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Couldn't you just use a list of the volumes to correlate it yourself?



  1. The First Americans: Prehistory–1600
  2. Making Thirteen Colonies: 1600–1740
  3. From Colonies to Country: 1735–1791
  4. The New Nation: 1789–1850
  5. Liberty for All? 1820–1860
  6. War, Terrible War: 1855–1865
  7. Reconstruction and Reform: 1865–1890
  8. An Age of Extremes: 1880–1917
  9. War, Peace, And All That Jazz: 1918–1945
  10. All the People: Since 1945


So webisode #8, Whose Land is This?, which starts at the end of the Civil War, but includes some material from before, presumably "correlate" (loosely) with material presented in books 5-8.?


At least, it looks the way to me...


ETA - because the TV series is adapted, I wouldn't expect it to fit the books perfectly.

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Sort of...

- First came the excellent history book series which many homeschoolers love (we're not in the US, so won't be using them much)

- THEN came the TV series from PBS

- THEN came the book the pp linked to, which is a "companion volume" to the PBS TV series.


I think the TV series could still potentially be a useful complement to the books if correlated carefully, but it could never replace them, or - as I said before - match the content exactly.

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