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Is this someone's idea of a practical joke?

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Ds18 just received a big packet in the mail. I am thinking "Oh, Goodie ... his first acceptance." However it is from Northwestern University thanking him for his interest in their tuba and euphonium program. Ds didn't apply to NU and he doesn't play the tuba.:lol: I wonder if my nephew, a doctoral candidate in math at NU, is behind this. He can be a prankster.

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I don't think my son got any that were wrong for him but my daughter sure did. She got mailings for special events for AA students and my dd is definitely not AA nor did she ever claim to be. She did not put down race or ethnicity on anything. She also received a specialized application package I think from Vanderbilt about engineering. The only thing we could think of is somehow they got info about her much younger sister (3.3 years but 4 years apart in school) who is into engineering but who hadn't filled out any forms in any college fair. I don't think she even filled out the interest form for the ACT which she took in 7th grade for a talent search but even if she had, her grade for 7th grade was great but it wasn't a good test score for a 12th grader.

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We got a small package this year from Willamette University, one of the colleges which had accepted dd last fall, so we thought it was for her. We checked the address label, and it was for my son, Jacob - age 15, guess they thought they would get a jump on things?! :lol::lol::tongue_smilie:


And let me tell you, these two children are as different as night and day!

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