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Does anyone else have a kid who...

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absolutely loses it when asked to do something (school related, generally) that they haven't done before? My ds6(almost 7) just does not handle this well. He has to know exactly what is expected before he will attempt anything, and if it turns out to not be what HE expected, it results in tears and him refusing to try it.


Example: We have been doing a spelling program but not doing tests. So just now I wanted to do a gentle introduction of a test-like activity. I gave him a choice of writing on paper, a whiteboard, or using letter tiles. He said he didn't care so I went with paper. Then I asked him to write the word "an". Because he'd thought he was just going to copy the words, he completely shut down and couldn't even get the letters out for the word "an" for me to write for him. I know he is capable of doing this, as he did similar things when we were using Funnix. Plus he's spelled words spontaneously before. But because it didn't meet with what he expected, he couldn't (wouldn't) do it. He has a strong perfectionism bent, and I am sure that is part of it. Mostly it is just exasperating and exhausting to have a kid who is actually incapable of "going with the flow". It wears me out.



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