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My elder sister wants me to help her shop for an iPad 2

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I have a 32 gig and would be right at the threshold of running out of memory. I consider my content quite lean. No movies, the only "songs" are a handful of iTunes U lectures, 50 pictures, a good (but ever expanding) selection of books and educational PDFs, a lot of apps (some of which could be deleted I suppose).


I would be "managing" content if I had a 16 gig. It could be done but a 32 gig is the "sweet spot" IMO even if one runs "lean," and media-hogs will want 64.


The question is are the savings are worth having to manage content, or not? Because she could get by with 16 gigs, but the day will some when she will need to decide what stays and what goes. I will face that day too, but 32 gigs gives me a lot more time.



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Do you think she would be remiss if she got the one with the least memory?
I suppose that depends on your sister. If she has kids and will share the iPad with them, then I would say get more storage space. If it is just for her, then I would say 16 GB is probably O.K.
I'm sure she won't do music or movies.
That's what I thought. Then I discovered that we had lots of digital copies of movies around here. Right now we have 40 GB of movies, so I wish I had a unit with 64 GB. But I understand that not everyone still buys movies on discs like we do, so they may not get the digital copies of movies. (That's SO 20th Century!!)
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She is 60 and her kid is grown.
O.K. That's a crucial bit of information!
It will only be her using it. She is not a movie person. Pictures would be good, maybe a little music, not much. Mostly just a time killer, e-reader, web surfer, game player(meaning angry birds, etc.)
Unless she needs 3G or wants to use something like FaceTime to videoconference with here child/grandchild, I would think a Kindle Fire might actually fit the needs you listed better. It is much cheaper and I think it is much easier to hold. IMO, the iPad is quite difficult to hold due to the weight, how slippery it is and the fairly sharp edge radius. Of course the solution is to get a case, but that makes it even heavier. The Kindle Fire, OTOH, has a nice rounded edge and there seems to be little need for a case, so there is no added weight.
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