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HELP...infant with a cold

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I am babysitting my 7wk old nephew. He is congested. He coughs, sneezes, and sometimes gags.


I went to the store and purchased Little Noses by Little Remedies. It has phenylephrine hydrochloride in it.

Can I give this to him? I have him for the next couple of days, and I don't have his insurance card to take him to the Dr.

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My 3 week old has a cold and I just gave her Little Noses this morning. Ours only has two ingredients.....water and sodium chloride. I'm not sure what your ingredients are. After you give the Little Noses (if you do) make sure you suction him out. If not, the Little Noses only makes the congestion worse. My DD is extra snotty afterwards until I use the suction.

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