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Thanksgiving at...Cracker Barrel???

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So.... this year Cracker Barrel will be serving our Tgiving lunch. Has anyone ever done this before? I'm wondering how busy they will be and what time we should arrive in order to eat by 12:00? It's just the 4 of us. I know that location matters, but I just wanted a general idea!


i would just call them and ask.


my sil bought their takeout thanksgiving dinner last year (she had a discount and she didn't want anyone to have to cook.) It was good. :)



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I agree. We did a Thanksgiving there years ago. And yes- it was very crowded. But then again we went for a early dinner. We normally do our Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners around 2 or 3.

I wish I could recall the amount of time we waited but honestly that didn't stick out in my mind.... probably a good indication, right?? ;)

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I didn't think of calling ahead! We have ordered Christmas Eve dinner from there and it was awesome. I sooo miss Cracker Barrel. I just don't think it will catch on anytime soon in Canada!:lol:


wow...i always read your screen name as southern nm...i thought you were in las cruces or carlsbad or somewhere in southern new mexico!

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