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Totally Random Discovery from Upside-Down Brilliance

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:lurk5: There needs to be a munching smiley (eating my frozen pizza while I think about this and repeatedly tell the kids to read; two listened, and here it is bedtime and the last one has yet to sit down with the book because it took umpteen minutes to get his PJs on).


See why I love this book? chock full of little stuff like this, food for thought. When you speak of your ds's auditory-sequential memory, are you talking about digit span, or some other test?


About your little digit span experiment, do you think you're: (a) improving visualization ability, (b) teaching a visual-strength work-around to a weakness in auditory memory, © actually improving short-term auditory memory, or (d) all of the above?


Thinking out loud some more, suppose a kiddo was already very (very very) good at digit span forward and backward, and yet has significant issues with slow processing and auditory reasoning such that it "looked" like CAPD or attention issues? (and suppose he finally sat down with his book, now that it's his bedtime :glare:) any ideas?

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I think the "visual tool" explanation makes sense.


As for my mysterious ds8, the auditory reasoning term came from a test the SLP did awhile back; it might have been the TAPS. It has to do with making inferences, same old language processing issue that dd also has. Auditory comprehension is also a problem, per that same test. He definitely has no working memory issue (at 6 y.o., I think he was doing six digits on the digit span test, having never done it before). Hmmm, maybe it's just the slow processing speed, but whatever it is, it drives me up the wall. I can ask him a hundred times to do something, when he's just sitting there fiddling with whatever little thing his fingers find on the kitchen table, and there's no response. I have to not only physically tap him on the shoulder, but pull him out of the chair or threaten some sort of punishment. Something is rolling around in his imagination, I guess, but part of me keeps hoping I'll find some technique, such as the one you quoted from Silverman's book, that will fix him, LOL, because they're talking about directions as opposed to digit spans.


I wonder how much of Upside Down Brillliance I can skim before I go to bed :lol: considering, of course, that I've "read" it multiple times already.

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