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Zorb vs MicroViewer?


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I've seen a lot of good reviews of the Zorb microscope on here. I was looking at in the Rainbow Resource catalog. There is another digital picture taking microscope next to it called a MicroViewer. The Zorb is 35X and the MicroViewers come in 200X and 500X. The 200X MicroViewer is about the same price as the Zorb is listed for on Amazon.


I can't find any reviews of the MicroViewers other than what appears to be a video advertisement online. What do you think? I have no experience with microscopes. But I know my kids would love one and 200X seems better than just 35X. But I don't know if that's really the case. The MicroViewer also has a tabletop stand to make taking pictures easier.



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We got the zorb a few months ago when it was on sale for $19 (now it's around $40, if I recall) on amazon.


It is a blast - we have tons of fun with it.


I know it's got serious education uses, but gosh, we haven't gotten to them.


Looking at our navels, inside our ears, and down our throats has just been too entertaining.


I can't vouch for the other, but we love our zorb!

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