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Would someone please explain the pricing on this?

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Because subsequent people base their price on the first person's price. So if only one is available and they set a crazy price, subsequent sellers will try to price it competively to the prices already set. Plus I have read something about a computer program that uses alogorythm to set prices that sometimes judges horribly awry. If you are a seller in this case, it would be best to try and find independent prices to find the true value.

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There's been much discussion in recent years about the mysterious, absurdly high pricing of OOP books that aren't in much demand. One explanation is robo-pricers that look at how much a used book is selling for, then offer the book for sale at a higher price without actually owning the book. The theory is that (a) the existence of a lower price for the same book indicates that that book can be found for a lower price somewhere; (b) somebody will pay a slightly higher price for your book than the price that's already out there (for instance, because the cheaper copy gets sold); and then © after an order has been placed for the book at the higher price, the dealer has a few days to find the book cheaper (see (a)) or cancel the sale. If you get more than one pricing bot doing this, you end up with some insanely high prices and some reasonably low prices. I've seen used books listed (via Bookfinder) at $10 or less for the first dozen, and then one or two for over $100. If the cheap ones get bought up, you only see the absurd prices, it gives the impression that someone out there is willing to pay that crazy price. But I would bet you that none of the sellers listing the crazy price actually own a copy of the book.

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Interesting stuff!


We haven't really used our copy. The cd is still sealed. It's such a beautiful book that I don't think the hoarder in me will let it go, but I'm sure I could shut her up for the right price, lol.


In the meantime, I believe I'll leave it on the shelf for a while longer and pretend it's worth nearly $200, lol!

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