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What iPad apps do you use ALL the time in your homeschool?

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Stack the States is a staple. I'm sick of hearing it and it's not perfect, but it does teach state placement, and does offer tidbits, plus helps kids learn capitals etc. Presidents and Aliens...my dd killed my iphone battery in traffic with that one. Car phone charger is on my xmas list. Why are Apple products so $$$? Gosh, I feel like crabbing about everything this morning. :glare: We have a good grammar one. Everyone plays it. It's on my iPad, which is upstairs. I don't feel like checking right now. :001_huh:


I am currently researching, revamping, deleteing, and adding phone apps.


I'll update when I'm done.

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to add Oxford commas. Grrrr
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Those 3 apps from the same publisher -- Stack the States, Stack the Countries and Presidents versus Aliens -- seem to be a perfect mix of something my kids would do for fun but are actually educational. Most of the other ones I have to "force" them to do. When I get the ipad back from them :001_smile:, I'll try to post other ones that are useful.

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