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Puppy question - eating too fast, always hungry, still waking up at 5 a.m. . . .

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when our min pin was a baby I'd try and give her a little food before bed so she would sleep through night.....it was hard at first because she was up sooo very early but now she's 2 and sleeps any time anyone goes to bed LOL..... :grouphug: Like the post a few down from me LOL I also give boiled chicken tenders (plain no season-I shred them after cooled and add a little in with the food) and rice and carrots and apples sometimes....Tinkie loves rice-and of course the chicken too! dh said he'd never seen a dog eat apples and carrots until Tinkie...LOL

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Spread the food out on an old cookie sheet. Personally, I don't like the muffin tin idea; they can still get a pretty decent gulp of chow. By spreading it out on a cookie sheet they have to eat it one kibble at a time and it tends to slow them down a bit. You also might try elevating the feeding station a bit.


Sweet puggies! :001_smile:



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SHOCKED - I've never read that anyone else feeds their dogs FRR dog food.:D


Our dogs are almost 18 months old and some days I give them more than 1 cups a day (1/2 cup twice a day). We walk over 2 miles a day and sometimes we are more active than that, so they are hungry.


When I cook chicken for the family, I will try to cook some for them (no seasonings) and add that to their dog food. I will also steam carrots for them and they like apple chunks and white rice. I usually only add a little 1-2 tablespoons of something, but they love it.


Anyway, keep trying to slow down your dog's eating (treat ball, muffin tin, etc.), but maybe your dog needs more food a day. Try giving your dog 1.5 cups a day.


My daughter asked if your dog has any other anxiety issues like separation anxiety when you leave.

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What about feeding in a Kong? Our labradoodle inhales his food, so we mix his kibble with a little bit of wet food and stuff it in a kong. Instead of eating in 30 seconds, it takes about 5 minutes. He has to work to get the food out of the kong since the wet food helps it to stick in there. Also, we make him run through a few commands including sit/stay before he gets fed.

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Try adding a half cup (or more) of frozen (thawed) green beans to her diet once or twice a day. That amount of added calories won't put on much if any weight (and if it does, you can slightly scale back her kibble at that time).


This is a great trick for pet weight loss, and really helps satisfy hunger. It might be very helpful for you. We have one cat who is just voracious, and determined to be a fat cat. Due to the fact that dh is a vet who is well acquainted with the dangers of being a fat cat, we don't want that for him, lol. He, a CAT, loves frozen green beans so much that he comes running when he hears the bag rattle when we take it out of the freezer.


If we neglect to give Flash his beans, he'll steal food from anywhere. Raw potatoes from the pantry. Raw tomatoes off the window sill. Unopened bags of egg noodles. Not to mention any dirty dishes in the sink . . . Give him a bowl of beans once a day, and then he is (reasonably) happy with his kibble and leaves the pantry alone.



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