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SL users - question about cores/combining


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Quick question (because if you search my past posts, you'll discover that this is an ongoing theme with me - what history to choose :tongue_smilie:)


With a (young, not terribly motivated, yet bright) 5th grader and (very motivated and bright) 2nd grader who have not done much history to this point, what Core would you start with in the SL series? Ideally I'd like to keep them together for at least two years.


FWIW, I have last year's 1+2 (which is now B+C) and all of the books. Also have a friend who just brought me Core 3 from 2004 with the majority of the books. Am completely open to any and all suggestions, even if it is a different Core. I asked a similar question on the SL boards (last year - when I was supposed to complete 1+2) but would really appreciate input from the Hive.


Thanks so much!

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I was going to say Core 3 also. If some of the material seems to go over the 2nd grader's head, I would add some History Pockets grade 1-3 (sometimes the 4-6 just don't click with this age group) and some library books. Try looking at WinterPromise's books that they use. We did that program, and while I didn't like the IG and everything together, there are many good books in that program for the 2nd grader. Plus there are oodles and oodles of books that are fabulous for American History. Check a list I compiled here.

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