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Looking at MEP


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What year do they teach multiplying and dividing fractions?


I want to teach my kids the whys of multiplying and dividing fractions.....not just the how...


I have Key To Fractions but again it teaches the HOW not the why....


ie why do we multiply the reciprocal when dividing with fractions...

what does the product of a fraction represents pictorially?


I cannot buy anything more right now...so need something now to teach..website...video....anything...

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I finally figured this out with Liping Ma's book. I highly recommend it. The best 'story problem' for me was about workers building a 1 3/4 mile road, and they can complete 1/2 mile a day. There are many more details, but I'm not yet competent to explain them.


As to MEP, it looks like year 4 includes multiplying fractions (no idea how complex, however). Week 16 has some multiplication in the lesson plans - a picture with 1/4 + 1/4 + 1/4 + 1/4 = __; it also includes 1/4 x 4 = in that same group. I don't have the second half of the TM handy though to check further. The scope & sequences (~week 19) lists practice in determining area and includes factions as a possibility - I can't check that though ATM. Perhaps someone else can verify. (I assume you mean fractions X fractions?)

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