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Why is reading so easy for my 7 year old...

Amy Jo

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and so hard for my 9 year old? My eldest is making progress, he is recognizing a lot of the pesky little words automatically. He read, and enjoyed, the Little Bear books. His spelling is improving as well. His comprehension is good, as is his attitude. And I've spent far less time teaching my 7 yo.


His eyes were tested by a developmental eye doctor. We had to take a long detour with V/V to help him image the things he heard. He enjoys stories now :). We are doing SWR, we've done some Websters. (I'm trying to be more consistent with Websters.) He's been reading (an easy book of his choice) daily, which has helped a lot. He doesn't have signs of dyslexia or any attention issues (great worker actually), he is on grade level in math.


Besides SWR and Websters, what else should I do? He can sound things out, and he has many of the little words down. I've got Remedial Reading Drills from Don Potter (looks similar to the Victory Drill Book), various readers and DIBELs, which we could re-read for fluency. Or more easy readers from the library?


I feel like he is so close to making a break through! I'd love any happy experiences you can share as well. He's not quite 9 1/2 yet - late July b-day.

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