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Experience with a Rite of Passage or Blessing Ceremony???

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We are thinking about starting some sort of Blessing Ceremony that would occur either for upper elementary students or junior high-we're not sure yet. We would involve parents (speaking or praying a blessing over them), but it would be church-wide. Has anyone participated or planned anything like this? How did you prepare students and/or parents in advance? Helpful materials? We are just in the brainstorming stage right now, so any suggestions or info is helpful!

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I did a very simple thing. I called it a Blessing Ceremony but it was my own creation and very simple.


I did it when my oldest turned 15, which means I need to start thinking about the next one in 6 months. Anyway, I invited the women in my daughters life who have been influential. Miss Kathy has been around since dd was born. There were her Sunday school teachers. (Repeat teachers, not someone who taught for just a semester.) Her tennis teacher. Mothers of good friends. (Friends influence teens and moms influence those friends so indirectly those moms influence my dd.) I think we ended up with about 10 moms. In the end I also invited their daughters who were the same age as mine.


I invited them over for dinner and asked that they give dd 2 pieces of advice - one spiritual and one secular - but written out so we could put them in a scrapbook. After dinner they shared their advice, we took pictures and chatted.


For the next one, we'll have a few of the same ladies. A few that are different. Then when ds turns 15, we'll do the same thing but invite influential men.


Small, simple. But fun.

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