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Do you have a homeschool bumper sticker on your vehicle? Which one?

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I have the "Unsocialized homeschool children on board" bumper sticker on my van. I happened to see it one day and it made me laugh so much that I bought it. Other homeschoolers think it's funny too, most everyone else ignores it.


Sometimes I'll get a "Are you the one with homeschool bumper sticker on your back window?" and at stop lights I've watched people in my rearview mirror obviously trying to read the sticker and then laughing and using finger quotes as they talk to the front seat passenger...that makes me smile.



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Not a bumper sticker but a vinyl decal my husband made me of my homeschool group's logo which is the outline of a house with an open book for the roof and a pencil making the bottom line of the house.


It's got the name of my homeschool group above it and the slogan "Living Is Learning" below it.


So, yeah, that's on the back window of my car.


P.S. I recently saw a bumper sticker on the car of one of the families in our group. They are unschoolers and it said something like: "My unschooler will rescue your honor student from the zombies" or some such.

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Yes I have one that says "Proud parents of homeschooled students"


I used to have one that was all bright yellow with big black letters that said "Homeschool Bus"


My licence plates are just about to need renewal so I'm planning to get the homeschool plate the others mentioned above, since I live in VA and think it's cool. I'm still trying to find something cool to personalize it with.

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