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Let's share resources that might be fun to use for those of us planning on doing a bit of a Thanksgiving type unit study.




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My kids make me do Thanksgiving every year, even though it isn't celebrated here.


So, we are rowing Cranberry Thanksgiving along with P is for Pilgrim. We will make the cranberry bread of course, and pumpkin pie, then throw some turkey in the crockpot on Thanksgiving morning while we spend the day at an outdoor living history museum (Ireland to USA emigration) where there will be a reenactment of an early Thanksgiving and food to sample.


We are using the Evan Moor November theme pocket, First Thanksgiving. It also includes a Native Americans theme pocket and the museum we are going to currently has a Native American exhibition also, so we will fit that in too and do that theme pocket next.:D

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Well, so far I have the following books checked out of 4 libraries :lol::



The First Thanksgiving by Lou Rogers


The Thanksgiving Story by Alice Dalgliesh


Turkeys, Pilgrims and Indian Corn: The Story of the Thanksgiving Symbols


Crafts for Thanksgiving


This is the Feast


The Story of Squanto First Friend of the Pilgrims


The Thanksgiving Book


The Plymouth Colony



Now, I am probably not going to do all those books. I have to go through them and see what ones I want to use and how. Plus we are going to use the What Your 2nd and What your 3rd Grader Needs to Know.


PWe have the American: Story of Us dvd's that I need to look at and see if we will use and we will be using the Scholastic website that was linked by a pp. Plus any other good videos linked by pp that I didn't know about ;)

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