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Another terribly important poll about regional sayings

We are getting our:  

  1. 1. We are getting our:

    • pictures made
    • pictures taken
    • pictures done
    • other
    • LOL!! Pictures?! I won't get these darn cards out til Mardi Gras.

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made if done professionally


taken if done casually by family/friends


life long Texas


made- if you are going to a professional, "When are you going to have family pictures made?"

taken-if you want it done, "Hey, take my picture by this rock"





Alabama joins the made/take:D

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We have our pictures taken. We are in Pennsylvania. Sometimes people here do say they are having pictures done, but they still go to the studio to have the pictures taken. Make sense? My sister lives in Tennessee, and they all have pictures made down there.


Not in my part of TN... I've never heard anyone say they're having their pictures "made" unless they are referring to developing them & picking them up at the store.

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