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Hats, gloves, scarves--as cheap as possible, or you get what you pay for?

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Can you tell I've been saving up some questions over the last week or so? :D


I need to get the girls new outerwear accessories to go in their Christmas stockings. I want them to be good and warm, because I don't want to hear any complaining this winter! I bought fleece-lined earflap hats, waterproof gloves, and soft, fuzzy scarves at Lands End on sale, in colors to coordinate with their Lands End coats. I ended up spending $90, which seemed reasonable at the time because the quality is good and they should last at least two years (if not longer). But now I'm sort of :svengo: at the idea of spending that much, even for high-quality things.


I looked over at Kohls before I bought and the prices didn't seem THAT much lower. Plus, we have some lower-quality stuff here, and the girls complain that their ears are cold or their gloves get soaked. One one hand, I'm pleased at the idea of being able to get rid of all my thinned out, cheapie, hand-me-down stuff. On the other, I'm having serious buyer's remorse and am wondering if I should just take them straight to return them when they get here.


Is $90 an insane amount of money for six high-quality items?

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$15 a piece would be pretty good for wool here, which is pretty much all I buy. DD10 has a waterproof pair as well, but I paid almost $18 for those - they are pretty high-end.


So $90 sounds reasonable to me if the quality is really good.


Well, they're not wool. I wish they were! This is what I bought. I consider them high-quality, especially compared to what we currently have here. I could be wrong, I suppose. It's just New Jersey, not Alaska, so my standards are probably quite a bit lower than yours :lol:






Thanks, Renthead Mommy :)

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For that quality, you did well. I do buy the $1 stretch gloves, etc. for when there is a chill in the air, running errands, etc. but we buy the good stuff for winter outdoor stuff.


:iagree: Their waterproof gloves are much more closely monitored, because they're more expensive, but dd's go through at least 2-3 pair of the cheap stretchy gloves each, every winter. Hats are about the same - they know how to knit on a loom, so the home-made ones that sometimes don't quite fit are what they wear to play in the yard or walk to errands in town.

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