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Prayer request for baby girl-more TMI

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For yeast (diaper or thrush) I usually crush acidophilus and mix with a few drops of water to make a paste. Then I put that on the infected area (rub on gums if thrush or on bottom if yeast rash). Usually the rash goes away in a couple of days without any of that stomach upset (if dealing with thrush since thrush meds cause tummy issues).


With the bottom I would put the paste on then dab very lightly some Desitin (or similar product) to help lock the paste in place (so it doesn't immediately wash away when baby urinated).


If a really bad yeast infection, which sounds to be the issue with the OP's little babe, I would use a yeast cream (OTC for yeast infections) twice a day. Other times throughout the day I would use the acidophilus paste/Desitin treatment. Typically I'm not a huge fan of Desitin but when they cry from the burning of the urine touching the rash, it is nice to give them relief.

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This happened to my daughters. It was a reaction to the diapers she was wearing (one of my nieces was in cloth... her reaction was due to the fabric softener).


None of my daughters could wear pampers. By the second diaper, they were beet red and screaming. Huggies were the only brand we could use.

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I remember coming across the idea when researching eczema after Digby was diagnosed with it. Digby's is worse than hers, maybe I'll try it on him. Hers is generally not very bad, just a few patches of dry skin that feels different from the rest. I can keep it under control with lotion. Do you only do it when they have a flare up?


I do it any time that there are open patches. Or that a sibling has open patches. It doesn't hurt and since they like baths it's easy to do.

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Update bc it's two in the morning and I have nothing better to do.


I had put baby girl down for a "nap" at 5:30. That's not so unusual. It's a little bit late, but since she had spent the night and first half of the night screaming, I figured her schedule was off and there was nothing to be done about it and it'll all be fixed later. DH came home with the medicine and I waited for her to wake up. At 1030, she was still asleep and I figured I ought to get a nap in before she woke up so I went to bed. She finally woke up at 1. Her bum looked better, even after all that time; less red than it had been. Cleaned the area, let it dry, put the cream on, diaper her, feed her, and now let her roll around all over the floor and wait for her to get tired.


Oh yeah and DH came home with white Ferrero Rocher. *sigh* "Thanks DH, but remember that conversation where I called you and asked you to get chicken because I can't eat dairy, sugar, or carbs for the next week?" He quietly took them out of sight so I wouldn't be tempted. There won't be any left by the time I'm done. Silly DH

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