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I like this $5 Spanish app better than Rosetta stone


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I am learning things from it, and I like the format and layout. My daughter enjoys it better than Rosetta Stone.


(We had free use of Rosetta Stone for a year, I was not that impressed, we stopped using it after a few months and I just taught Spanish on my own.)


It is iStart Spanish, with a cute little penguin picture. It is on sale for $5 right now.


I learned about strong and weak vowels, very interesting! I also like that it has 2 native speakers, one from Spain and one from Colombia.

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Thanks for sharing this! My family is moving to South America and really need to get working on our Spanish. Do you think this would be good for that, does it have multiple levels and lots of content?




It is basically only 1st semester Spanish, it has 50 lessons.


However, some of the vocabulary is higher level, they picked some interesting words for some of their examples. If you haven't studied Spanish for a while, it would be a great review before jumping into higher level things.

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I want to buy German (even though I don't have an iPad....yet).


Do we have to have Wifi connection in order to use it after uploading it to the iPad? I know some apps require Wifi in order to be used and I'm hoping this does not.


OK, just for you, I turned off my wifi and tested it...it worked. I only have Spanish, I would assume that the German would be the same.

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