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Using WWW, GWG and WWE2, how do you schedule?


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DS is slow to write. As in he produces very little in a decent chunk of time. We are working on that, but my concern with doing all three of these each day is that he tries very hard, and will do everything I give him, but sometimes he almost looks teary eyed and shaking his hand because it hurts. Maybe pencil grips or something?


We have WWW3 and GWG3 which is a good fit, and WWE2. I know I have read at least one who uses all of these together. How do you schedule them? We do dictation for spelling, so i don't do that part of WWE2. The reason I use them all is WWE2 is strictly for narrations, and WWW is more of a creative writing. I feel like all of these together are a good fit and well rounded grammar/writing program. My plan was to do just the narrations from WWE maybe one or two days per week.

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